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Pathways Gymnastics Policies

Please read the policies below and always feel free to reach out at or call us at 512-829-FLIP!

Trials, Absences & Make ups

If you are interested in a trial class please email or contact us on our "contacts" page. If you choose to discontinue after your trial class, you will not be charged. If you do a trial in a full class you may add yourself to the waitlist and/or join another class

In order for absences to be eligible for makeup, you must submit the absence in advance from within your Parent Portal. Once approved, you can schedule the makeup date(s) via the portal. There is a limit of 1 makeup per month and must be made up within 60 days of the absence. You can makeup in any similar class type/age as currently enrolled in. There are no Make ups for Mom's Morning Out, unless otherwise indicated.

Terms & Conditions

 If you would like to pause your account, you must notify Pathways Gymnastics in writing by the 15th of the month or you will be charged for the following month. August 23-29 is a one-week Billing Cycle. Beginning August 30, billing is every four weeks. There is also a $45 Annual Membership fee ($90 per Family), only charged once a year.

Dates Closed

11/19 - 11/28
12/24 - 01/02
03/10 - 03/19
You will not be prorated for these dates as they are already factored into the monthly billing.

Waitlist & Pending Classes 

If you see a class with a "waitlist" this class is full at the moment, however if you add yourself to the "waitlist" we may be able to accommodate your request. We strongly encourage you to sign up for waitlists.

If a class is "Pending", this class is pending a start date. This class needs at least three children on the waitlist for the class to begin. We strongly encourage you to sign up for Pending Classes. If you do not see a class offering you are looking for, feel free to send a class request to info@pathwaysgymnastics.

What to Expect?

Please arrive 5 minutes early and remain outside until the previous class has been released. Due to limited space, please limit to 1 parent entering the facility per child. Please keep side talk to a minimum to allow students optimal concentration.

Street shoes need to be removed and placed in the rack in the doorway

Long hair should be tied back . Please dress in leotard or leggings with a fitted shirt (or shirt that can be tucked). No socks or tights.

Follow us on Facebook, check your email and log into your parent portal for upcoming events, new class options, and closures.
Keep in mind that all children are different, some may be super excited for their first class, and some may be afraid to join right away. It is important to give them the time and space to settle into their class. This may take a few classes. Consistency and positive feedback are vital for making progress in the next coming weeks. It is very important for Coach to build trust with each student, allowing them to feel confident, and encouraging them to try their best.

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